The Art of Loving

This blog offers creative texts and workshops on the “Art of Loving”,

dedicated to exploring the Sacred Life Force,

that drives us crazy … or blissful …

or anything in between.

Love exists in many forms and qualities: agape (unconditional love),
eros (passionate attraction), philia (friendship, bond, loyalty),
storge (kindness, tenderness, sweetness),…

We invite you to join us on this exploration,

letting yourself get inspired by our poems and texts on this blog,

sharing your own ideas and experiences in our comments – sections,

exploring love and your experiences of it more deeply
together with us and a group in our workshops:
After the recent weekend workshop in Geneva, the next chance to attend will be in

–  Istanbul, December 3./4.  –

or individually in coaching sessions
with Nina or Jan

What is the Art of Loving?

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