Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When you contact us through our Art-of-Loving (AoL) Website, your digital contact information is transferred into our system. Here we would like to explain what happens with this information.

We fully respect your confidentiality. We keep information about you confidential. This means we store it securely. We will not share any information where we are not legally required to do so.

What information do we record?

Your name or nick-name and the e-mail-adress, which you have entered into the contact-or the comment form.

What do we use it for?

We may also use some of the information you provide us with.

  • to communicate with you
  • to publish comments which you agreed to publish
  • to inform you about AoL events
  • to administer any events in which you may wish to participate

Withdrawing consent

At any moment you have the right to withdraw your consent to publish your comment or to store or use your contact data.

You should inform us of this in writing into the contact form on the AoL website.

Corrections and concerns

If you believe that information we hold about you is incorrect or out of date, or if you have concerns about how we are handling your personal information, or would like your comment or contact information to be deleted please contact us and we will try to resolve those concerns.