A-o-L at the Bosphorus


Thank you Sintia, Özlem, Steve and team for the wonderful hosting of another rich Art-of-Loving experience.



Thank you Zeynep, Ceyda, Zeklye, Galya, Berna, Sedef, Seyda, Jessi, Esin, Esra, Suzi and Seyla for your courageous dive in the deep waters of love.


2 thoughts on “A-o-L at the Bosphorus

  1. Dear Nina & Jan,

    First of all I would like to thank you so much for your support to open up a new dimension in my life. I could not be able to breath well and do the mediatation but now i know what is breathing and the importance of life. This is the essence of life! Although everything in the program represented very simply, it was very intense. This is the main thing actually, simple is what we should intend to reach at. During the experince you dont realise how it contributed to you but after the workshop I completely felt so good.

    I feel gratitude sharing your knowledge with us…

    My best,

  2. Dear Nina and Jan,

    Firstly, I would like to thank for your patience, understanding and willing to share your knowledge with us.
    Forgive my late feedback, we were flowing with daily life issues like in business, family and personal.
    1)My intent was to learn the way how to tolerate and appreciate myself and others more and give silence to my mind from judgment.
    2)The workshop gave some tools to become more familiar to ourselves and the others especially our loved ones and friends. However; It also developed a joyful point of view to our and others behaviours.
    3)I am feeling the influences of the workshop growing deeply little by little when the time passes after acted in same pattern. Regarding the influences, such as be aware of healthy choices, showing more area to be compassionate and understanding with my furious part.
    4)I said I wish you would have been there as well.:) I realised my and others borders.

    With Warmest Regards and love,

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